Lake District Gorge Walking

Fisher Place Ghyll

Gorge Walking is a more 'extreme' version of our popular ghyll scrambling experience often known as Canyoning or gorge scrambling! Great fun, very wet, and personally my favourite day in the Lake District for adventure groups!

Close to Keswick, Fisher Place Ghyll is a technical ghyll descent, involving multiple Abseils, and some super slippery scrambling! The part that most remember are the zip line guided abseils, where you are hanging in mid air, high above a thundering waterfall 🙂

What if water levels are high / low on the day?

The Ghyll is extremely dependable, as there is a hydro scheme which diverts excess water. Although each trip will vary depending on the recent rain fall, no mater what it will be memorable! Every trip will involve rock scrambling, big waterfalls, and some committing abseils - this is NOT for the faint hearted. Whilst you are in the ghyll, our extremely experienced instructors will be with you in the water, showing you the best way, and teaching you to abseil with the best of them!

This Ghyll scramble is great for those who really want to try something different, but is physically hard, and you must have a head for heights! You don't need to have abseiled before as we will teach you all the skills required, but a willingness to push yourself is a must. There is an hours walk (uphill) to access the ghyll at the start.

Activity Summary

16 Years+

Full Day

From £70pp

What is it?

After handing out the safety equipment and wetsuits at the car park, we will pack and carry all of the kit up to the start. This is about an hour, walking up a STEEP mountain path, however its well worth it!

Once at the gorge, we'll get all the equipment on, and teach you how to keep yourself safe using your cowstails, and most importantly how to control your speed on the abseil descents, as well as how you can look after your teammates.

Starting with small rocky steps, the ground slowly steepens and the waterfalls get bigger - up to 30m high! The highlight for most people is the zip lines through the water falls - trying to keep control as your in the waters full flow is a great personal challenge, although your instructor will have you on a safety rope at all times 🙂

There are also some small jumps and toboggons - just let yourself go on the natural rock slides!

We provide all our clients with high quality 5mm wetsuits, gloves, wetsuit socks and hats as well as spray jackets and helmets, so no matter what the weather, you will be as warm as possible in the water.

Once we have made our way down the canyon, its aa short 15min walk back to the cars, dry out, warm up and - in many cases - head to the pub!

This is a trip that will live long in the memory, and you will have gained some new skills, and have conquered one of the most famous trips in the Lakes.

Although we always provide free photos of your day as standard, we now offer the option of hiring our GoPro equipped helmet for only £15. We will then send you a DVD of the footage for you to enjoy at your leisure - it really is a great way of remembering this unique Lake District experience, watching your friends get an unexpected dunking when they have a wobble!

Typical Itinerary


Meet up 10 min from Keswick, issue kit.


Start the walk up into the gorge.


Have a rest, snack and briefing, and then straight into ‘warmup’ abseil.

11.00 - 4pm

Abseil, scramble, jump and slide!


Reach the end of the ghyll.


Arrive back at the car, tired, wet and ready for the pub!

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