Caving in the Lake District

Full day Trips to the Yorkshire Dales National Park

Caving right in the Lake District is limited to small isolated caves, Priests hole, Rydal cave etc. The nearest real caving systems are in Yorkshire, around 1 hour drive from Keswick or 1/2 hour from Windermere. There are around 3,500 caves to explore in the Yorkshire Dales, one for every age and ability.

More people have been up Mount Everest than down the depths of the deepest caves in Yorkshire!

Who's caving for?

Everyone ready for a challenge! Not all caves have to involve squeezes, crawls, water or mud - some are ‘walk though’ (but mind your head!), and are simply a beautiful journey through the underground passages, admiring stalactites along the way. There is so much to see and learn underground, a great fun day out for any ability of group or family. Our friendly, expert cave instructors will introduce you to a whole new world literally under your feet!

Activity Summary

10 Years+

Full Day

From £65pp

What is Caving?

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath your feet? Are you ready for a challenge? If so, brace

yourself for an unforgettable underground adventure with Mobile Adventures' professional and friendly team of caving instructors. Hiding amidst the stunning Yorkshire Dales, Ingleton boasts some of the most exciting and beautiful caves in the UK, making it the perfect caving playground for us.

There are many amazing sights to be encountered as you climb, scramble, and slide around Ribblehead and the rest of the Yorkshire Dales.

Caving, also known as potholing, is an exhilarating adventure activity that involves exploring the underground world of caves and interlinking underground passages. Our groups venture into naturally created caves to experience the breath taking beauty and mystery hidden beneath the earth’s surface.

You will be equipped with safety gear such as helmets, headlamps, and warm suits (as the air remains a constant 8 degrees Celsius), which allows our cavers to comfortably traverse through narrow passages, climb over rock formations, wade through underground streams, and marvel at unique geological formations. It’s a chance to embrace the unknown, challenge personal boundaries, and immerse yourself in a world of darkness and wonders very few ever get to see.

Caving offers a rare chance to connect with nature’s hidden realms and witness first hand the massive forces that have shaped our planet for millennia, leaving participants with unforgettable memories and a deep appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the natural world underground.

Caving is a great team building trip whilst also being a good personal challenge activity. It is also a great educational trip for those studying geology. It’s also great fun for stag and hen groups and families visiting the Yorkshire Dales on holiday.

All our caving trips in the Yorkshire Dales will be tailored to suit the groups abilities and requirements. For first time cavers we can concentrate on introducing you to basic caving skills as well as discussing the geology, flora and fauna associated with cave systems, and showing you the beautiful rock formations. Due to the unique nature of these activities we take great care to ensure the comfort and confidence of the participants at all times.

For those looking for something even more adventurous we can then try some of the smaller tunnels and squeezes, whilst exploring more complex parts of the system. Whilst the fun element of caving is still very much to the fore on these trips, you will also be taught simple rope skills and enter some wetter tunnels and enjoy some underground climbing… On all our trips we aim to show you beautiful cave formations such as stalactites, stalagmites and gour pools, and we hope to leave you with a shared sense of wonder at the amazing world to be found beneath our feet. We provide warm undersuits, waterproof oversuits, wetsuit socks, wellies, helmets and of cause the all important torches!!

Typical Itinerary


Meet at prearranged meeting point in Ingleton for briefing as to the day's venues.


Travel to the caves and gear up.


Spend the day caving, climbing and exploring in a variety of venues.


Finish caving, back to the surface and change into dry clothes.

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