Things to do in Keswick with teenagers!

Quality Outdoor activities for teenagers

Keswick and teenagers...

Keswick is a fantastic place to be, but can seem to be a little lacking for older children / teenagers. That's when you step away from the traditional 'tourist activities' and embrace the wilder side of the Lake District! From jumping down waterfalls to tipping out of a kayak, or taking on a real rock climbing route, we can give you a family day that you'll remember!

At MobileAdventure we firmly believe that outdoor adventure is good for all, and can create memories and self confidence that will last a lifetime. However it is so important that the level of challenge is right, too little is boring (we can guarantee that won’t be the case!) but too much can be worse, putting off people for life, or causing an injury.

We are so lucky to be based in the stunning Lake District, which really is one giant adventure playground, and gives us the opportunity to run suitable outdoor activities for EVERYONE. The lists below are only a guide, as children all develop at different rates and have different experiences. If you really feel your child will be fine in a ‘higher’ age activity, just have a chat with us first.

AALA Licence

By law all activity providers who work with U18's (without parental supervision) MUST hold an AALA licence. This involves regular inspections of both safety procedures, and activity delivery. There are various 'loop hole' exemptions, so do check that the provider has one! Our registration is R1929.