About MobileAdventure

Run by me, John Wady, MobileAdventure was set up way back in 2005, after I’d worked in the outdoor industry both in the UK and abroad since 1997.

I was convinced that I could do things better than my previous employers, and just went for it! I personally hold high level qualifications across a wide range of activities, and only work with similarly experienced and qualified freelance staff, all of whom have worked closely with me for a number of years, and perhaps more importantly have been on personal adventures with me too

From the start, I wanted only the best experiences for my clients, from technical equipment, the level of challenge and most importantly the instructors involved. Over the years this has evolved into what we are now; a small, adaptable, professional and highly flexible outdoor company which can run a wide variety of outdoor activities across cumbria, and sometimes further afield. You want to do something outdoors? We can help it happen!

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John Wady