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Gorge Walking in the Lake District

What is Gorge Walking / Gorge Scrambling?

Gorge Walking is a more 'extreme' version of our popular ghyll scrambling experience often known as Canyoning or gorge scrambling. We take our groups to Esk Gorge, in a beautiful unspoilt valley, in one of the more remote areas of the Lake District. The time it takes to drive there and walk into the gorge is defiantly worth it, as the experience is totally unique, and incredible fun - of all of our activities, this is the one the instructors want to work on!

What do we do?

After handing out the kit at the car park, everyone will pack and carry all of their kit to the changing/start location. This is about 40 minutes of walking on relatively flat terrain. The beautiful mountain location, and feeling of wildness more than compensate for the leg work!

Once at the start point we will get changed, and have a chance to have a bite to eat and drink (so remember a packed lunch). There is a little cave to stash our belongings in and then its a 'little' 8 foot jump into the gorge, and we're off! Mobile Adventures Gorge Walking Day is aimed at those groups who REALLY want to challenge themselves. You will be closely supervised by our extremely experienced instructors to ensure your safety, but you will be rock climbing, scrambling, diving and swimming through a natural gorge with some really physical moments as you climb up and under the waterfalls! Undoubtedly the highlight for many people are the jumps the highest of which is a 30 foot leap into a beautiful deep pool. As you get further along the gorge scramble, the jumps slowly get higher, but the instructors will coach you on good landing technique, and ensure you safety.

Gorge Walking with The Lake District Outdoor Activity Specialist

Gorge walking can only be described as a high adrenaline experience day , one which won't be forgotten in a hurry!

As standard Mobile Adventure provide all our clients with high quality, well fitting wetsuits, as well as spray jackets, helmets and bouyancy aids. In colder weather we will also provide wetsuit gloves, socks and hats, this means you can enjoy the gorge walking warm, and happy in the knowledge that you are wearing the best gear possible!

NEW for 2020! Although we have always provided free photos of your day as standard, we now offer the option of hiring our GoPro equipped helmet for only £15. We will then send you a DVD of the footage for you to enjoy at your leisure. Please say at the time of booking if you want this extra service, it really is a great way of remembering this unique Lake District experience, watching your friends get an unexpected dunking in one of the deep pools.

We only use extremely experienced local instructors with a wide knowledge of all the local gorge walking venues, in a wide range of water levels. While water levels will be the primary factor in deciding which part of the gorge to use we will also take into account your groups aims and any previous experience.

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What if water levels are high / low?

The Gorge is extremely changeable, and each trip will vary depending on water levels although all trips will involve rock scrambling, big waterfalls, and bigger jumps! Whatever the water levels, our extremely experienced instructors will show you the best way to take up and down the gorge, and where to aim on the jumps - then it's up to you to hurl yourself into thin air! We will cover swimming into and out of waterfalls, how to read the water, and how to conserve your energy when fighting the current, so that you have the strength left for the climbing!

Our outdoor activities are all about having fun and learning new skills. So as well as the serious challenges and high jumps you will learn scrambling techniques and how to let the river work with you to conserve your energy. Gorge walking is a terrific activity for those who really want to try something different. Great fun - but very wet!

If you don't know if you want to do a full days worth of gorge walking why not check out our outdoor activity packages where you can mix and match a number of different outdoor activities to do in one day.

Gorge Walking Gift Voucher

Looking for someone else? Not sure if they'll like Gorge Walking? Why not buy them a Mobile Adventure outdoor activity gift voucher which is valid as full or part payment on any Mobile Adventure package. This is the ideal present for anyone looking for something a little different, just get in touch and we'll be happy to talk through the options..

Your ghyll scrambling or gorge walking Lake District gift voucher is personnalised by the Mobile Adventure team and can be delivered to any address in the UK.