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National 3 Peaks Challenge

Here at Mobile Adventure we have been successfully running the National 3 Peaks challenge for the last 7 years, and have enjoyed every minute of it! However from 2014 we have taken the decision NOT to run any further National Challenge Events.

Why no more National 3 Peaks?

We have decided to stop running the national 3 Peaks for several reasons;

  • Millage - the total distance driven is approx. 1000miles, and this is in large minibuses, not a very environmental undertaking!
  • Disturbance of the local villages - especially in the lakes, the local residence are becoming extremely upset by the thousands of people coming and going at 1am in the morning.
  • Destruction of the mountain environment - the mountain tracks simply are not built to take hundreds of people descending on mass - and, as the event has become more popular, this has led to massive erosion, land slips and an incredible amount of litter and human waste. Mobile Adventure took part in the first large scale clean up at the end of 2013, and 50 bin bags were removed in several hours.
  • Mountain Rescue teams - although as a responsible provider we accompanied all our clients on the mountain, many do not! The local MR teams are now sick and tired of being called out on a daily basis by people lost on the mountain with no maps or experience - in our minds, the challenge has been tarnished and we no longer want to be associated with it.
  • Other view 1; BBC, Costing the earth?
  • Other view 2: British Mountaineering Council
  • Other view 3: Locals View
  • Alternative Challenges

    Clearly many people will still want to raise money for good causes, and so we have developed several alternative Mountain and Water Challenges. These have all been carefully developed to reduce or eliminate many of the problems which have become apparent with the national event, reducing our impact on local communities, the environment and also providing (in our opinion) a far more interesting and enjoyable event!

    Challenge Events
    Yorkshire 3 Peaks
    Endurance Factor: ★★★★★
    Price: From £60 per head
    Challenge Events
    Lake District Challenges
    Endurance Factor: ★★★★
    Price: From £130 per head
    River Challenge Events
    Canoe the River Tweed
    Endurance Factor: ★★★★
    Price: From £350 per head
    Challenge Events
    Canoe the Great Glen
    Endurance Factor: ★★★★
    Price: From £350 per head

    What Mobile Adventure can do for you

    Which ever challenge you choose, we will be with you every step (or paddle stroke) of the way! By using our experienced mountain leaders or river guides, you will have peace of mind in knowing that the navigation, pace setting and group wellfare on the mountains and rivers is under control. All our guides are qualified first aiders, used to dealing with any sprains and blisters that can occur on these sort of long distance event.

    You will also have the peace of mind knowing that you have done everything possible to reduce your impact on the environment (which is why we are all out in the rivers and mountains in the first place!) and that you will be doing a truly unique event, rather than becoming 1 of the 30,000 new 3 Peakers every year!