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Common Questions

Here we've listed some of the most common questions we're asked, about our Lake District Challenges:-

Q: Can I organise my own challenge, rather than paying to take part in an organised group?
=> A: Absolutely. A lot of people organise their own challenge, and this can work extremely well. However, many unaccompanied groups also manage to get lost, especially on Scafell, and hence fail the challenge. Our groups have a 95% success rate.

Q: Exactly how hard is a Lake District Challenge?
=> A: We have a wide range of challenges, and we will help you pick one that will stretch you and your team, whilst still being achieable.

Q: Can we walk and drive ourselves, instead of finding someone else to drive us?
=> Ideally not - driving and walking is certainly not recommended. Driving while tired is a major cause of accidents, and it just isn't worth it. Try and find a friend or two to drive you, who can also help prepare food for the walkers when they return to the car.

Q: Do I need to do it for charity?
=> A: This is entirely up to you, but there's no reason why not. If you can't think of a charity that has a personal meaning to you, you might want to look for a small, local charity. This way you'll be helping your local area and may be able to see the results of your generosity.

Q: What weather can we expect?
=> A: A very few, lucky groups, will spend their entire challenge in glorious sunshine! However this is the Lake District, and it is likely that at some point we will hit a wet and / or windy patch!

Q: How much training is required?
=> You can't just turn up and expect to complete something as demanding as a Lake District Challenge! The more training you put in, the easier and more enjoyable you will find your challenge. We will send you a fitness guide before your event, with a suggested built up of 8 weeks.