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Lake District 24 Peaks Challenge

The Lake District 24 Peaks Challenge is a two day team challenge over a walking distance of 31 miles which will push your mental and physical strength to the limit.

The 24 Peaks is designed to involve very strenuous exercise and for your own safety you must be aware of this and consider carefully whether your general level of fitness, or any particular illness or ailment prevents you from participation. However, we will provide you with a mountain fitness training programme and by following this anyone in reasonable health will have a good chance of successfully completing the challenge, although it will still take a massive effort and mental determination on the day!

This is the toughest challenge that Mobile Adventure offers and will really test your endurance and strength and requires a high level of stamina to compete with limited recovery time over the two day period.

Set in the stunningly beautiful Lake District you will climb 24 peaks within 24 hours, encountering difficult terrain, lengthy descents and steep ascents along the way.

Why not challenge yourself and a team of colleagues with this exciting 24 Peaks event which provides an excellent platform for both team building and / or charity fundraising.

Challenge Routing

Day 1 Route - as per Lake District 10 Peaks.

Day 2 Route - 14 Peaks as follows:

Leg 11: Kirkstone Pass - Red Screes 800m / 75 mins
Leg 12: Red Screes - Dove Crag 3.3km / 84 mins
Leg 13: Dove Crag - Hart Crag 1km / 25 mins
Leg 14: Hart Crag - Fairfield 1.3km / 35 mins
Leg 15: Fairfield - Dollywagon Pike 2.54km / 67 mins
Leg 16: Dollywagon Pike - Nethermost Pike 1.3km / 30mins
Leg 17: Nethermost Pike - Helvellyn 1.1km / 28 mins
Leg 18: Helvellyn - Lower Man 0.7km / 17 mins
Leg 19: Lower Man - Whiteside 1.2km / 31 mins
Leg 20: Whiteside - Raise 1km / 22 mins
Leg 21: Raise - Stybarrow Dodd 1.8km / 40 min
Leg 22: Stybarrow Dodd - Watson Dodd 1.1km / 28 mins
Leg 23: Watson Dodd - Great Dodd 1.3km / 33 mins
Leg 24: Great Dodd - Grovebeck Fold 3.9km / 78 mins


This is by far our toughest Lake District challenge event and a high level of physical fitness and thorough preparation are essential to ensure success. It is FAR HARDER than the National or Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenges.

We can provide help and guidance on the fitness side providing detailed information on fitness training and we also offer Preparation Training weekends in the Lake District.

What happens when not walking?

Included in the price is two night's accommodation, in one of Keswicks many fine hotels or B&B's, relaxing ready to return home or preparing to start the challenge!